Why did Gamestop Stocks Drop

Founded in 1984, in a suburb of Dallas named Grapevine, Texas, USA, GameStop has been the “old grandfather” of the gaming world. GameStop has been one of the few companies to start the sale of video games in physical game discs. The company, besides developing and selling video games, have prospered in business ventures like selling electronic appliances, selling products of other company, like Apple’s Simply Mac, and even launches a monthly tech magazine for the tech lovers.

The company was at its peak between the years 2014 to 2016. But recently, within these two years, the company is riding a record 14-year low in its revenue. As the days are passing by, the downfall of the value of the stocks is accelerating. This condition is hitting the company hard. That is why the company is planning to sell its shares to a third party now.

Why did GameStop Stock Drop

The shares of Gamestop (NYSE: GME),  recently, has been slumped and experienced a 14-year low in their fiscal revenue this year. The news spread just after the announcement by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) of a new subscription service of Xbox One that gives its owners full access to around 100 such games. Gamestop has been a leading game retailer when it comes to selling physical game discs. But with the introduction of its new subscription service, Microsoft has tightened its grip in the market and hurts the sale of physical game discs, which took the Gamestop stock down to 10%.

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