TellGameStop Survey Rewards

Game Stops, a known American game developing company, has brought for its customers and well-wishers a way to earn exciting gifts and rewards. Game Stops introduces us to the all-new TellGameStop Customer Satisfaction survey. The survey is meant for a better customer-retailer relation and has a rough idea about the expectation of its customers from them. Situated in Grapevine, Texas, USA, Game Stops has been one of the leading game developing companies in the whole of the USA. They have opened more or less 7000 stores around the States along with its branches in other countries like Australia, the USA, New Zealand, and Europe.

The TellGameStop Survey is more of a feedback survey that consists of a series of questions such as “How was the behavior of the employees?”, or “How much will you mark the store in terms of hygiene?”, etc. These questions will be simple and answers will be needed to the point. In return, the company has kept exciting gifts and rewards for the customers taking the survey.

TellGameStop Survey Rewards

Those who are joining the survey and finishing it are eligible to win a $100 GameStop Gift Card. This means that the winners have the chance to win a $100 gift card through sweepstakes which the participant will enter after completing the survey successfully. There will be 25 gift cards that will be available each month. Out of these 25 gift cards, one is offered to every winner of the sweepstakes at the time of announcement of the winners.


In today’s competitive world, you have to be updated and versatile to fit in the market. Being a game developer aside from a retailer of electronic appliances and gadgets, Game Stops needs to have the upper hand when it comes to support from the customer. The business is wholly on the trust of the customer. So, the survey is a suitable field to strengthen that trust and have the idea of what the customers have to knack of. And moreover, who wouldn’t like to earn some gift cards freely and online?

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