TellGameStop March Winner for 500$ Sweepstakes

“Game Stop” is a name that most of us have come across. It’s the famous American video game cum electronics and wireless services, retailer. Game Stop is available for countries such as the US, UK, and Canada. In the US, it’s stored are located mostly all over the country, boasting more than 7200 stores opened to date, reflecting Game Stop’s popularity.

The headquarters of this famous gaming manufacturer is in Texas, USA. It was initially founded in 1984. Apart from manufacturing and providing video games, consumer electronics, and wireless services, it also has its magazine based on video games(obviously!) and even an Apple product,” Simply Mac.”

About TellGameStop

TellGameStop, an initiative from Game Stop. TellGameStop is an online survey web page that offers its customers rewards for taking up a small survey. Interested customers can take part in the survey with a mobile phone or PC/Laptop. The survey is user-friendly, easy, and convenient as well. With the help of TellGameStop, the company keeps in check with the changing demands of the customers. It works as feedback.mechanism as well.

Customers participating in the survey can win the sweepstakes reward. During the sweepstakes spanning for a month, 25 winners are announced, and each participant can win only one prize in a month. One can join the survey by entering the website at

To participate in the survey, other requirements are:-  a receipt of a recent purchase from the store, which should have a survey code printed on it. Most importantly, the participant must not be an employee of the company or hold any office related to the company.

TellGameStop March Winner for 500$ Sweepstakes

A Facebook announcement of TellGameStop from April 2011 has declared its Sweepstakes winners for March. The winner has won 500$ gift card sweepstakes!
The post has also encouraged its customers to keep visiting their survey, and they might become lucky to win such rewards in the future.

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