How to Check your Gamestop Warranty

Game Stops is a well-known game developing company. It is in America and headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, USA. Tellgamestop has been one of the top grosser in recent years. The company, besides developing electronic video games, have side businesses like selling electric appliances, selling products of other company, like Apple’s Simply Mac, and even launching a monthly tech magazine for the tech lovers.

Last year, the company had a substantial annual revenue as they had an unbeaten run in selling their products. The company has also got the best rates when it comes to the warranty of their products. Though they sell durable and tristed products, it is mandatory for the retailer to give a period of time warranty on their product so as to maintain the trust of their customers. Thus, here are a few lines about the Gamestop warranty. 

How to check your GameStop Warranty

The Gamestop Warranty card is available on all their products. The price of the warranty is around 40$. Some terms and conditions to be kept in mind:

  • If the product suffers any damage (minor or significant) within 30 days of its purchase, the product can be returned to the store, with or without the warranty.
  • The period of the product’s manufacturing warranty starts after the first 30 days. The period lasts for one year. Within this period, if anything occurs to the product, it has to be returned to MS, not the Gamestops.
  • No receipt is required to show while returning.


GameStop has been a happy place for game lovers. The company has, until now, have opened almost 7000 stores around the States. The company has other franchises, too, in different parts of the world like Australia, New Zealand, and most countries of Europe. The Gamestop warranty period is of one year, but, can be extended for another year if the product is damaged without less use.

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