Steps to enter TellGameStop

In this competitive era, where you have to be in your full ammunition to be at the top of any field. This ammunition is well provided by the online survey websites of different companies where the customers participate in the survey to answer a set of questions related to their experience during their visit to the retail stores. This deed comes in return as a boon for the customers as exciting rewards await for them after the completion of the survey. Same way, Game Stops has set up its own survey page named as TellGameStop Customer Satisfaction survey. But before we start the elaboration, let us know about Game Stops.

Game Stops is a top-rated game developing company headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, USA. It was one of the top grosses in its own right in its happy days, though later, recently, the company’s stocks dropped down drastically. The company, other than developing games, sells electronic appliances, Apple producers like Simply Mac and a tech magazine. A well-known game was a growing company.

Steps to enter TellGameStops

  1. Here are a few steps which will allow you to join the study:-
  2. Purchase any item from the GameStop store and keep the receipt given from the store. The receipt contains the survey code, which will come in use later.
  3. Open a web browser on your PC. Open the link www.tellgamestop.come. The survey page will open.
  4. Type the four-digit code mentioned on your receipt along with the date of the visit. Next, enter the 14-digit survey code printed at the bottom of the revenue.
  5. Fill in all the asked personal questions like name, address, email, etc. After filling in, click the Start button.
  6. Answer the set of questions asked on the next page, which are based on your personal experience during their visit to the store.
  7. Before finishing the survey, submit your feedback as comments, suggestions, or complaints.


Game Stop has almost 7000 stores of its name around the States. Outside the US, the stores are located in New Zealand, Australia, and most countries of Europe. The winners of the survey are also listed for its monthly sweepstakes, which comprises of 100$ vouchers given every month. So, hurry to the store now.

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