Nintendo Switch in GameStop

GameStop is a video game, consumer electronics retailer based in America. Over the past years, GameStop has been subjected to criticism over several of its policies. Recently during the coronavirus pandemic, the company was criticized for its stores remaining open to customers. Later on, the decision to it was reversed the following month in response to negative feedback.

Nintendo Switch in GameStop

With coronavirus still going hot in the market and people still maintaining the lockdown, it has also impacted the stock of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is sold out of almost everywhere online and in-store at many favorite retailers like GameStop. Taking into account the current situation of the world, shortages of many goods are expected. If the release of Animal Crossing has tempted you:

New Horizons, you might be out of luck already, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on Nintendo’s console beyond third-party sellers–and prices for those are surging up to $600. Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst at Niko Partners, said supply wouldn’t return to normal until the end of August. Nintendo Switch out of switch has its little brother Nintendo Switch Lite in stock, but those also sell out quickly, and apparently, you can’t connect them with a TV

With demand high and supply low, people are forced to shift to the pretty pricey Nintendo Switch bundles, like the ones springing up at GameStop that usually sell out quickly, or people are even forced to get it from third-party sellers at even higher prices. To make matters worse, the Nintendo Switch lawsuit is trying to pull the console off the market altogether–meanwhile, Switch supplies have been halted in Japan due to this ongoing pandemic.


This coronavirus pandemic has hit Nintendo Switch’s market, but soon enough, it will be available in every retail shop of GameStop.

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