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It is your responsibility to check Blackboard for corrections or updates to the syllabus. … It may not be possible to submit the files required for your homework … 3-2-1 Write-ups (25%): In this course you need to be actively be involved in the readings. … Discussion Forums: introductions, case study on theories of globalization.

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Find Your Rep. … Select questions include (NEW) Globalization by the Numbers interactive … The Eleventh Edition InQuizitive course includes a (NEW) “How to Read … to incorporate student activities and assessment materials into Blackboard or … Multiple-choice chapter-review quizzes (20–25 questions per chapter)

6. Globalization and Gender

Viewing the assigned movies outside of class either at the times that they are shown … D. Stanley Eitzen and Maxine Baca Zinn, “Globalization: An Introduction” in … 25-30 (B). Thomas L. Friedman, “The World Is Flat” in Eitzen and Zinn (eds.) … the reading, answered the relevant questions posted on Blackboard, and thought …

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considering globalization, its downsides, and the recent backlash against it. … Details on the major assignments will be posted on Blackboard … See the section on “Evaluation Procedures” at the end of the syllabus for … is imperative that you not only attend class but read the assigned … November 25 (W).


Please read this syllabus carefully before confirming your registration. … class. Within Blackboard, optional readings are made available. Find these in the “Class Materials” tab. … Comprehend what globalization is, its causes and forces, and be able to … o 90%+ in 6 quizzes: extra 25 points, or 2.5% final course grade bump.

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How to submit assignment on blackboard for merits and demerits of … View More on Instagram … and even sharpening a pencil, some bookmarks, and a specific class. … The following documents are necessary as they read across the week and … Clemson University (@ClemsonUniv) October 25, 2020.

11. International Trade: Theory and Policy – William & Mary

In Defense of Globalization, by Jagdish Bhagwati, (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). … On Blackboard in Course Documents (PDF file) … Journal of Economic Perspectives, 25 (Summer 2011), 83-106. … To read the Honor Code, see.

12. International Trade: Theory and Policy – William & Mary

… (May 1993), 23-27. On Blackboard in Course Documents (PDF file) … Reading: Diamond, Jared, Paradises Lost, Discover Magazine, November 1997. … Gary C. Hubauer and Zhiyao Lu, “The Payoff to America from Globalization: A Fresh Look with a Focus … Journal of Economic Perspectives, 25 (Summer 2011), 83-106.